Monday, October 08, 2007

Fifty seven large photo albums
(300 photos ea... at least) .
Oooo ahhh!
I figured it was time to make the family albums easier to find by writing on the spines of them the date and numerical order of such albums...
opening the cupboard door very carefully, because they have a tendency to topple out... (now why would that be the case?) I was bemused that the latest count is now 57.
It made me think of those families who are unfortunate to have the house burn down and the mum is there in a chenille dressing gown clutching a photo album with the edges charred thanking God and all the saints because, "we lost everything, apart from our lives, the clothes we are standing in and this album".
HM... some years back we were threatened by fire and I put them all into the wheelbarrow, ready for the van... just in case. I had it all figured...first Don, then the cat ( on his lap!!!) then back for the albums (we had no doggie then)... now it would fill two large or maybe three wheelbarrows...
I have this image of me pushing the last wheelbarrow out into the road my hair smoking and saying... "I saved them...saved them all" cough cough.


Jules said...

Yesterday we took some of the vouchers we got for wedding gifts and went and bought our first camera!!

I know, bloody sad, we have four children, have been together for 8 and a half years and have never owned a camera.

We just bought the old throwaway kodak ones.

One day I hope to have half as many as you have chicky.

jin said...

Oh my Gosh! Look at all those albums!!! I think my parents only have two or three and I only have one! Ohhhh...unless you count my cake pictures. I have TONS of those!
LOL!! ;-)

JahTeh said...

Our family embraced technology and now I have miles of super8 movie film and no projector. Some are on videos but the quality is bad so DVDs are next one of these days.

Citymouse said...

i think that is great!

Jacqui said...

Wow, you actually put your photos in albums? We actually have about 10, loads on disc and several boxes but my dream is get them actually organised one day!

rosemary said...

OK, so now you will also have to grab the computer because of all of the photos you will have saved in your picture file! I would be running a close second with pux, but mine are not in albums...they are in 4 huge totes in the garage.

The birds are lovely.

j kieselguhr said...

57!!!!! my oh my, what a lot of precious memories, mc. i love your pics.

mirk said...

And strangely I bet you wish you had taken twice as many pictures as you have done.

Sling said...

what a wonderful treasure you have there!

cs said...

Okay MC and now you have a digi cam...
so noooowww you can save them all on CD and make family gifts and save tons of room and they won't fade or get water spots....

You're a great photographer too!


Middle Child said...

Jules - its just sort of a family tradition from my maternal Grandfather - two of my sisters also have the bug, the opther two just receive ours and don't bother.

Jin - you are just a spring chicken still -

jahteh - but you have them and they are treasure

citymouse - thanks

jacqui - now the big deal is to do an album a month and out the best onto disc...should take about 4 years!!!

rosemary - want to borrow a spare wheelbarrow?

j kieselguhr - thats an album for each birthday minus four... sigh!

mirk - you are right there... would rather have the people than the photos

sling - it sure is a treasure and a half... and all in sequence too...just got to write in some of the books yet.

cs - will do but still like to leaf through the books - thanks