Thursday, March 30, 2006

Song of Life

Song of Life.

Nothing created is ever lost in the universe. Silken voices flung out like fine threads from living throats diffuse around the world becoming part of the whole noise; the sound; the song of life.

Likewise with our thoughts. We fling them out heedlessly across the miles. Thoughts of love and hate; of creation and destruction. Nothing created is ever lost, for beauty created enriches not just the creator of beauty, but those who perceive the spiritual nature of beauty, even if only a tinge of it is experienced, are enriched more deeply than they realise.

Love like the song is never lost. It circles this great blue planet and lights the darkness.

I have read that all that darkness is really, is the absence of light.  

The thought I send out here, for healing or compassion may never reach the one I send it to because they may not be ready, or it may not be the right time or person that I am sending my love to, but that love, its essence and power is never lost. It becomes part of the aura of Earth.

I should therefore guard my thoughts, but being human there is no doubt that at times I will send out negative thoughts, and so do we all as there are few of us saints.

Its recognizing this, recognizing and accepting my own humanity, admitting my wrongs and trying to balance my thoughts, feelings and words with as much true cheerfulness and love as possible that is the real wisdom of how to live on Earth.


Anonymous said...

Im occasionally want to kill some bastard. Can't help it. But I never do, so that's ok.

Middle Child said...

I think that if you don't have "i want to kill someone" thoughts occasionally maybe you are not being honest with yourself.

Our Dad used to say sometimes, "I'll bloody well spiflicate you kids" and he never did, but it sounded impressive. I was an adult before I found out what the word spiflicate meant...but I always knew where to use it.

Anonymous said...

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