Sunday, March 12, 2006

I arrived back home late on fFiday night... from Melbourne. I visited my youngest daughter Alison at her ninth floor unit in South melbourne. She overlooks Albert park and lake and views accross to Port Phillip Bay. If you have to live in the city its nice to be able to look out to an endless horizon as she does.

She especially needs this as she spends so much time in her home.

We had the best visit and talked our heads off. The little devil set me up one evening when we went out to a Japanese restaurant. Her and her Andrew sat opposite me and waded their way through the various raw dead animald "oh but cut wafer thin mum"...this from the former vegetarian!!! I have to have it blood nor raw tastes for me please.

Then when the light was lower she innocently said , "Mum, try a bit of that advocado on our plate." I love advocado anything so picking up my fork I was about to scoop a big bit up, but she must have weakened and said..."er...maybe you should just stick your chopstick in" (that was the only thing I got to use the chopstick for...knives and forks are fine by me),

so in went the chopstick and into the mouth expecting advocado...silly stupid me. What hit my senses was an explosion of heat and acridness you could not believe. I hate hot tasting things.

Peals of laughter - oh sure you got me a bewdy you little bastards. It was something called wasabe.


Otilia said...

glad you got to visit, and glad you are back! Hmmm. You have spawned a little devil, have you? But that's what I love about all of you, always a prank in the making!

Amy said...

that little rascal - !
glad you had a good visit and lovely to see you're back safe and sound -


Lorraine said...

Ouch! My sinuses are experiencing a sympathetic burning!

Anonymous said...

Wasabe could be rightly described as a weapon of mass destruction in the worng hands.