Friday, March 03, 2006

I really have no idea who these people are apart from the fact that they lived near my mother and her dad in the 1920's.

Its just an interesting shot of the times and the people.

Who knows where all those kids ended up.

Okay I hope!
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cs said...

This looks like an old movie--doesn't it? I bet it was a picture your mother/father knew all about.

Have a great weekend...full of blessings and peace..cs

Middle Child said...

It came from mum's father's collection. I think that grandfather worked with these people and something tells me his name was george See, but can't be sure.

Brownie said...

The woman's face tells a good story.
It is clear that life is hard but none of the faces are.
Our parents remember the Great Depression very clearly and this looks like that time - no cash, but care and commitment are valuable things to have instead.