Saturday, March 25, 2006

Beyond my Window

Beyond my Window.
Past the potted flowers on my window sill,
past the Herring Bone in my window box,
beyond the cat food swimming in its dish,
way beyond the trees dripping the afternoon shower,
through the rainbow, arced across the earth sky
past the Moon, the planets, our Sun,
Into the whirling spirals of galaxies...
I am.

And I am washing dishes at the kitchen sink,
am missing my eldest daughter so far away,
am hoping my youngest will come through,
am puzzling over a dream I had last night,
am feeling our blind old dog at my feet,
am so fractionalised in the world I am.

Inside the soap bubbles, a world of colours and possibilities,
inside my daughters hugs a world of love,
like clean evening showers.
Inside the dream...?
Striving! Wisdom! Change!
Inside the old dog, peace!

So where ‘I’ am, no matter -
possibilities are everywhere and endless.

Middle child… some time back

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