Monday, March 13, 2006

Charlie and Nicki's food tales from Texas have got us all thinking about food.

My sister was so impressed with my cooking excellence on a recent visit that she sent me this picture of one of my more exotic cooking triumphs
. What one can do with a few carrots, a pile of beans, a hunk of sweet potato, a length of zuchinni and wads of spuds... and and and ifn you run out of meat every home should have some long life veggie burgers...

I think that the wine was the best part and it was that which made it all taste and look so hexotic.

We even used knives and forks and a table cloth.. Posted by Picasa


Amy said...

lovely spread MC... delicious - i'm hungry

Anonymous said...

Only half as big as Texan portions, I'm afraid, MC. I'm back on fruit and veggies only for two weeks, beginning tomorrow. My digestion's shot to hell.