Saturday, March 18, 2006

Another beloved doggie "Towser" from Don's archives. This was taken mid 1950's in the Snowy mountain area, where he grew up. These are his two sisters, Judy (left) and Jeanette. I never got to meet Jeanette as she, husband son and unborn baby were killed by a drunk driver when she was in her early 20's. Judy died in 1998 from Cervical Cancer.

I have a lovely photo of the pair of them as young adults, and they are so pretty it is heartbreaking to see...for us anyway.

But I have to say that every moment of both their lives was lived to the full and there are only good thoughts and memories... can't say that about everyone. Posted by Picasa

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R.H. said...

It's a shock to find out that such vibrant and loving people can have such short lives.
It's frightening.
The wonderful thing is that they lived at all, and brought some happiness into the world. It lasts for as long as they're remembered.