Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sister Mary Bondadventure is going of a parochial visit till next Saturday. She is quite concerned that Father Jack might be led astray and resume his drrrreadful drrrinking, so she's taking the "Toilet Duck" with her so he won't be tempted and will report back when she returns... May the saints preserve her and keep the good Father on the straight and narrow.

She hopes to return full of the energy she needs to keep Father Jack on the path to heaven, but she has her doubts that even she can achieve that.
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Unknown said...

That's one fine bottle of Holy Water sister. And the other, Scented Fowl, is for keeping the pipes clean eh? Fr. Jack, you never looked so good! All in the name of Lent I suppose? :)

Amy said...

OH, OH.. no... oh.. seriously no...! I can't stop laughing... the Toilet Duck? - Tell the royalty to please, please stay away from the Toilet Duck... a road to ruin... next he'll move on to urinal cakes.. yuck!

Otilia said...

oh my! I never know what I am going to get here!

R.H. said...

Make fun of people but not the Church. Christ is no threat to you. Quite the opposite.

Anonymous said...

Rh, wasn't making fun of the church...I was making fun of my husband! Quite a different thing. If you have ever watched the irish comedy "Father Ted" you'll realise what this is about. My ancestry is Irish Catholic, and if there is one this we do a lot of its poking fun at ourseves, our religion and especially the english.

Each to his own, but in the world I inhabit i rather think God has a big sense of humour. He created us after all.I would not want to be part of any thing any religion or idealogy which could not laugh at itself.

I appreciate your input and if you feel offended fair enough.

R.H. said...

No. I think true Christians can always laugh at themselves, I do it all the time. But frauds can't, and never do, because often they're using the Church as a cover to express bitterness and hatred for all humanity, including themselves. They do more harm to the Church than any determined Christ hater.
But there are others just as bad who simply hate Christianity and want to portray it as stupid. This has been all the fashion in the past few years, and accepted by hordes of insecure young people, afraid to ever differ.

I shouldn't have made that comment at all, it's general, and not really directed at you.

Anyway, I don't comment here much, but I'm enormously impressed. These photos especially, are stunning.


Anonymous said...

Urinal cakes???


Greetings from Texas, MC. And for all who get offended at stuff like your post, or at beliefs, non-beliefs and associated thoughts, I recommend reading Gulliver's Travels.


BwcaBrownie said...

Drink! Feck! High Times on Craggy Island and you were born for The Habit my dear. A missed vocation there. Love from Mrs Doyle Go on! Go on!