Monday, August 27, 2007

Olde Worlde!

Some moderately old photos from 1977... a wonderful time...I know some of us older ones prattle on about those good olde worlde days, but for me they are just is that?
Melissa holding Alison...they are now almost 33 and 30 yrs

Melissa close to dropping her beloved sister....

Don, Melissa and a half and Alison...on the swing he made which I BROKE!!!

Melissa and I one really hot day...I recall this as if it was was a lovely time...a balmy summer and all was right with the universe.
Newborn Alison and I.... it was another lovely spring day.... and who cares about all the holes in the roof behind me...its the repairs in front of me which were important at that time


cs said...

Oh MC! These are absolutely precious! What a beautiful family! I am really enjoying these and seeing you and Don and kiddos from the 70's. Oh, and that bedroom...way too funny. Weren't we crazy with our 70's colors?

Oh MC, these are just great. You made me go ahhhh and smile today. Thanks sister.

Jules said...

I love old photos. I got mum and dad to pull out the "slides" the other day and show my kids what I looked like as a kid. I loved my childhood, sure I got a good smack on the butt if I misbehaved, sure Mum smoked in the old valiant as we cruised out to the beach to collect shellfish and have a bbq all day. Sure we played in the sun all day long with no sunscreen on. Sure we went unsupervised on adventures up the creek behind our house. Sure as hell we had the best of times and I am so sad that my kids don't get to have this.

Anonymous said...
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jin said...

Oh...wonderful wonderful pictures Therese!!!

Thanks for sharing!