Monday, August 27, 2007

Old Photos

It was 1977 and just before our youngest daughter was born. We had a camera which cost $29 and a house we rented for $15 pw.

These lovely photos of Don, Melissa and the
puppy Boris (who was a girl and had a huge litter of queer looking puppies some years later...
So long ago.
I just love how comfortable the puppy is on Don's head... although Don most definitely did not suffer fools gladly...he loved animals ...not so much cats : (
This was in the days when indoor smoking was not frowned upon.
That blanket we had till recently when just after our cat died in February (we had had her for 20 years) we wrapped her in it to bury her.
That bedroom was a royal blue with big orange stripes all round was the '70's baby.


rosemary said...

Lovely pix, therese. You are sure a beauty...then and now. You have changed very little. it will take me a while to go thru all the pages...some words are medically different.

Citymouse said...

beautiful beautiful pictures
thank you for posting them

Ann ODyne said...

I love your old pictures too.