Saturday, August 25, 2007

A frosty morning back in mid August.

And finally have my photos developed. I still have my lovely old non digital Minolta and have to actually wait for photos. Maybe one day... but I actually like the feeling of opening that packet and sometimes seeing the things you had taken and maybe forgotten about.

This morning was so cold but very beautiful. All over the paddocks around was a white crust, gone soon after the sun got to work...

reminds me of childhood somehow. We don't get many frosts here on the coast.

I will be happy this year for the extra daylight hours of spring and summer, because the nights have been way too long and a bit isolated from people... Once years back I used to wish just to have a day to myself, which is a fair thing for any human being... but never in a million years did I consider the reality of having day after day to myself... not that I don't see people, I do that, but find I am impatient to be away from them also.

Maybe its just licking my wounds time. Two of my sisters are going to visit here for about 10 days. While I am looking forward to it, I am not sure how I will handle things. I know it will be good for me because one of them especially has known Don since 1972 and was genuinely very fond of him... and maybe talking will be helpful. I find it much easier to write about these things than to talk about them. We all talk too much these days anyway... about things we should think about first I believe...

Ah just a ramble...its early morning, can't sleep again; weird dreams that I don't remember but wake up feeling disturbed.

I have a big two day job on this weekend...I have hired a big skip bin and am intending on getting the big shed down the back in some sort of order... Don had a couple of people doing work for him and each time they'd finish they'd just hoick all the tools and shit anywhere on the floor of the shed. We didn't go down there often in the latter months just due to how things were and when I got back it looked like a bomb had hit it... others are storing their gear there, and although warned the big rats from the creek area have had a field day this winter... better get to it and stop procrastinating... the skip bin costs $$$

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