Saturday, March 17, 2007

We live in a beautiful world... well it would be without the scumbuckets like these below. I have to hope that there is a hell big enough and hot enough for them to sear and fry forever. May they never rot in peace

Vatican, CIA And North American Government Officials Complicit In The Torture And Murder of More Than 100,000 Children Known As Duplessis Orphans
Called the crime of the century and Canadian holocaust by Rod Vienneau, whose wife was a child victim who escaped, he added that Vatican and CIA are still covering up the mass murder of children.
By Greg Szymanski
15 Mar. 2007


mirk said...

If there is not a big enough hell we sure could build one.

How do you find this stuff?

Middle Child said...

Mirk, the articles come from web sites, ie.
or the prison planet one...just go to the home page

Will try to get some together and post them on the blog...

You may regret beginning but truth is always better known than not known.

I get sent things I guess...been an anti fluoridation, anti nuke, etc (one thing leads to another) since mid 1980's but always searching out alternative sources...have to be careful when you are young doing that...lots of garbage out there...the nose seems to get more discerning as you get older...and my nose (thanks Mum) is long enough to do really good ferreting out...