Sunday, March 11, 2007

This is my little family

Don may not get decent treatment from the system at time but lacks for nothing in the love and compassion stakes with these kids. Somehow they know how the whole bloody thing works out there and still smiling... thats the key, not to let the broken system break you...and we haven't yet.


jin said...

That is an absolutely STUNNING photo of all of you!!!
That to me is the ultimate look of contentment, all four of you happily together!

I read a few posts down & am very glad he's home & that you seem to be in better spirits, um...maybe that's because you've been in the spirits?! LOL! I haven't drank for over 5 years but sometimes I sure would like a nip! Have one for me, would you?!


Unknown said...

You have been on my mind so much this weekend, MC. So glad you all are home! Yes, my mom said the same thing as NOT get sick and rely on the hospitals and the's awful...I went through such horrid things with my folks the last few months they were alive. My memories of them hurting so bad and all the mistakes the system made. Awful awful awful! And they had the top care to boot! No thank you--just take me out to the woods and leave me in peace to meet the blessed maker on my own thank you! God bless you both and get well!