Sunday, December 11, 2005

This is for all the middle aged men out there... You be kind to all females aged from 40 plus till when they tell you to stop okay...

Women have been known to act a little rashly if provoked by crusty old men (mainly) in the full heat of one of the thousands of hot flushes you guys never experience except by having a saucepan rightfully flung at your head.

If my husband says one more time to me when I am in the middle of one of these volcanic explosions "Why don't you put your hair up...(smiling syruply) you look so nice with your hair up...why don't you put your hair up?" ..."Why don't you put your hair up? I just don't know why you don't...(wait for it) ...put your hair up?" Followed by a quizical look...

As if in the middle of all of this heat and torrential downpour... I can suddenly produce a brush and rubber band and manage to get the wet mass into anything resembling respectability... well I bloody well would wouldn't I?

I don't need to be told 4,000 times in exactly the same voice with the "understanding look" to boot.

Leave us alone for god's sake ...its summer...its hot and getting constant good advice which I will always choose to ignore is not advised okay Don!

But now he's asleep (no I don't mean permanently) and he looks so young and sweet, and I have cooled down now...and No I am going to do it naturally without HRT. After all its only been happening now for 9 years... thats chicken shit to me. I'm made tough, and hope Don is too
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Anonymous said...

ok ok ok ok ok already!

Unknown said...

Men! Don't listen to 'em! Oh it can be awful...and the pricklies that go with make me want to come out of the corner swinging! Being winter up here, I love it...all I have to do is go stand on the porch and within minutes all nice and cool again. But for you dear friend in hot summer, it is extra sweltering. Take a bandana, wet it and freeze it. When the fluch comes, pout it around your neck, after you tiw your hair up that is! :) Or you can strangle men with it! Whichever brings relief!