Sunday, December 11, 2005


all I wait for is the change of light.
Softly, timelessly - light becomes the morning.
The blush of re birth on a glittering hillside,
The morning is joy and the wild birds rejoice.
The greys timeless procession into blue; into pink
And then the flash, the gold glory of the day.

I am held still, by the liquid lights of summer-
Brash and bold; slowly seducing me with its richness.
The heat itself is woven in to the light,
I smell the spell it weaves -
Till even the smell becomes woven
Shimmering in make believe pools of light.

when I am hurrying home in my car,
to my house, my family, to things that need doing...
I send my thoughts behind me to this other reality
hoping to remember the light show
Going on... sending a silent salute
to the gleaming miracle of light...

All I need is the change of light.

Middle Child

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Unknown said...

There is a time of day, usually dusk at night, that the light is a brilliant, almost flourescent blue and the trees turn a deep charcoal that contrast agaisnt it and the worlds seems to be a peaceful wonderful place to live. It happens for about 30 minutes and then the magic is gone....but it is my magic for that moment...just like yours.