Sunday, December 04, 2005

Quite a bit of a rant yesterday, but it was good to vent that bit. We are not able to say much to anyone locally about what happened as this person seems to be very aware of her rights to sue on just about everything. We learned from that experience as you do, but we were gobsmacked that the system protected her rights and covered all her costs, thinking we were just another greedy rich employer and with no allowance for what was really happening. They seemed to have set in place a set of rules and as each one was ticked off she advanced down the line of payments and she figured out multiple ways to cover all her costs plus plus.

Oh dearie me, I'll have to take my own "advice" and try to let go of this awful character... it seems that every time in the past four or five years I start to think strongly about her as I have been, I end up bumping into her and three times after this has happened within a day or two there is yet another demand for a claim by another solicitor against us. One day it actually happened on the same day after a gap of about a year. Its wierd as if there is a connection there... so I am not thinking about her...I am not thinking about her...I am not thinking about her one hundred times.

Think nice thoughts... like how good it is to be minding our daughter's smiling dog... ( and how good it would be to sic him onto her and watch her run...) oh noo I didn't think that.


Anonymous said...

Deep breaths, Therese. And remember the adage: don't get mad, get even

Amy said...

Methinks you DID think that Therese... Don't suppose this creature would get very far before the little pup bit her in the rump, what with that cumbersome barrel she's got to lug 'round.

Unknown said...

Oh I know! What is it with these scum people. They pop into mind and then the next hting you know you run into them, or somehow you hear about them. I don' tget it either. And I ahve never been able to stop myself from thinking about them. So I don't even try, I just let the thoughts run for awhile until they get boring and move on. It's like trying not to think of a pink elephant--ha! This much I do know. No one gets a free ride and the consequences are due to all of us when we deliberatley hurt others. HHM tells me to just sit back and watch the parade. It can be quite a show. So sit back and wait and watch.

Andisn't it amazing that the system protects these goobers? Yes, we have run into the same thing through the years. But hang on---look for that parade!