Sunday, December 04, 2005

I thought this was worth a post - wish I had a thought of it first

1 Why is it that when I need people to do things promptly, there are endless reasons why those things will be delayed or not get done at all?
2 Why is it that those same people require me, by return, to do things both promptly and at the eleventh hour because they have delayed things in the first place and if I don't do them promptly it will be all my fault and cost me lots in money and peace of mind?
3 Why is it that I am asked to be calm by someone who is not calm?
4 Why is it that I am asked to be reasonable by someone who is being unreasonable?
5 Why is it that I am accused of accusing people of things when all I have done is ask a question? 6 Why is it that truth is uncomfortable?
7 Why is it that people avoid issues and thus make them worse?
8 Why is that when I face issues, I am accused of forcing them?
9 Why is it that inertia and prevarication have come to be regarded as virtues?
10 Why is that people wish to pass to me all their anxieties?
11 Why do people ask advice, ignore it, blame me for giving it, then accuse me of a) interfering by giving advice and b) ask me to help sort out the subequent shambles and c) accuse me of standing by, uncaring, while they made a mess of their lives and d) unreasonableness by bringing these things to their attention?
12 Why do those same people offer me advice when I have never asked for it, and having proffered it, why do they sulk when I ignore it and things turn out ok anyway?
13 Why is that everybody is too busy to do things but I, they say, am not?


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OMG I love it! Me too, I wish I would have thought of this because I would have posted it years AGO! Right on MC! Snowballs to all those "other" 1 way Nelly's I call them.