Saturday, December 31, 2005

fluoride & arthritis

It is a known fact that Skeletal Fluorosis masks as Arthritis

It is a known fact that Skeletal Fluorosis masks as Arthritis in many cases. Do doctors routinely check for Fluoride in the bones and joints of those who present with the symptoms of Arthritis?

It is a known fact that the body is only able to excrete 50% of fluorides taken in to the body from Fluoridated water, fluoridated toothpastes, infant formula, soft drinks, environmental pollution and the other many sources of Fluorides we are exposed to in daily lives.

It is also acknowledged that Skeletal Fluorosis can and does occur at levels as low as 1ppm which is the amount added to drinking water supplies.

The processes leading to the premature development of Arthritis, osteoporosis and bone fragility can be expected to occur in all people who drink fluoridated water, or who in any other way, increase their fluoride intake.

There are countless double blind scientific studies mainly done in the US, Japan, Europe and the UK, which support the above. Therefore before Arthritis is diagnosed, it should be incumbent upon the medical practitioner to test for fluoride uptake in the bones.

This might explain some of the alarming increase in “Arthritis” in Australia, along with the other factors indicated in the recent studies.

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Sara said...

And, ironically, too much flouride can also stain your teeth, as I found out as a child. So determined to prevent cavities that I ended up with brown stripes on my teeth. Turns out it took the cement of braces to yank the stains off. Yay for too much dental work!