Tuesday, December 20, 2005

King Donald of Craggy Island and his bewdiful Queen Middle Child would like you all to have a Happy Christmas and in fact it is we who grant you a whole day holiday so you can celebrate in your funny little homes, and exchange your funny little presents...you funny little people.

We will be receiving our just dues and tithes...you know "Render up to Caesar what belings to him" and all of that... and intend taking part in a right royal feast of spifflicated pheasant stuffed inside carked carcass of duck, inside a wee dead snowy white lamb, inside a humiliated and butchered hind all surronded by lashings of 4,000 year old casks of the best wine from our own fair kingdom here at Craggy island.

We will think of you all with your little mince pies and thin shaves of frozen turkey (if thats what it really is...) and hope you all enjoy your little rest, because its back to work in the smithy and fields on Boxing day or we'll have to give you a little boxxing around the ears to get you off your common working class behinds and back into your rightful places.

(PS Thats why they call it Boxing day...dolts)

WE know you will feel terribly honoured by us even bothering to remember to send you this, and should you send us EXTRA TAXES THIS YEAR WE WILL NO DOUBT DO IT AGAIN NEXT YULETIDE. Posted by Picasa


Sara said...

WHAT IS BOXING DAY?????? It's on my calendar every year for some reason. No one I know knows what it is. It's just one of those things to ignore, like Candadian Independence Day. I think the calendar industry is trying to make us American multicultural or something.

....just looked at my new 2006 Green Day calendar, (yes, I know, it's very 15-year-oldish of me) and it's not on there. Whew! Now I just have to ignore Passover and all those other boring religous holidays.

Unknown said...

And a very merry Christmas to you MC and Don. I had no idea the hidden royalty heritage of your backgrounds. I am curtsying and lowering my lowly head as I write this. Excuse the wiping of the brow, a hot flash has taken over, but I am in awe to receive such greetings as this.

And I bet you are so looking forward to having your 2 babies home. PS- I read the web about the CFS, and it was heart wrenching. Science and medicine sure are behind times. More intererested in the 1 world order bologna and suppressing the masses.

Anyway, feast and be merry!

Anonymous said...

Boxing Day derives from Dickensian England. The live-in servants, after slaving away for their betters, on Christmas Day, were allowed to go home to visit their families on the following day and would take with them some goodies (leftovers) in a box. Simple as that and true!
Thank you, thank you, thank you for your good wishes from Craggy Wotsit, Therese and Don. We wish you ditto to the power of 10 from Bonny Scotland.