Sunday, October 30, 2011

I sent this out to my email list this morning after a suggestion from an old friend of enlisting those I know to put pressure on the NSW Health Minister.
Your help would be appreciated
Dear All,
Please excuse this bulk email but needs must if I am to be able to put any pressure on the Health Authorities in New South Wales to bring about an Independent Inquiry into the death of my husband Don at the hands of Royal North Shore Hospital in 2007. In the past before the change in Government, the leader of the Nationals Mr Andrew Stoner and now 
Deputy Premier, was very helpful to me in exposing the shocking treatment Don received in RNSH which caused his death which would never have happened had his doctors had a duty of care towards him.
Mr Stoner Andrew helped me to launch my petition in NSW Parliament . The Petition was headed:
“We, the undersigned residents of and visitors to NSW request that the NSW State Premier and Health Minister ¬ begin a full, independent and open investigation into the surgery, treatment, care and subsequent death of Donald William Mackay, as a result of the five weeks he spent in Royal North Shore Hospital between 11th April 2007 and 17th May 2007 (the day he died). We ask that those responsible if found culpable then be subject to disciplinary action. Our reasons are briefly – A RNSH Internal Investigation into Donald Mackay’s hospitalisation and death, signed by RNSH’s Dr Hoyle who in writing, admitted many failures in Donald Mackay’s care; such failures, which we believe led directly to his death after five weeks of unimaginable suffering.“
I collected 2000 names on that petition and it was not a simple “Yes” or “No” – the issues had to be explained and most people were appalled upon understanding the gross neglect and medical error he suffered.
Since the change in Government in March this year, I have written to my MP Ms Leslie Williams and as well to the Health Minister Ms Jillian Skinner asking for this Independent Inquiry. Ms Skinner replied to the Port Macquarie News 3rd August 2011, a month and half before I had her written response,
"Mrs Skinner said there would be no further inquiry into the case. The matter has been investigated by NSW Health and the HCCC, and unfortunately there is nothing to be gained by opening this case for further investigation," said Jillian Skinner Minister for Health."
I would like to ask that you might be able to take five minutes to write a short letter to Ms Jillian Skinner MP, Minister for Health and Minister for Medical Research to call for an Independent Investigation into Don’s treatment and death at the hands of Royal North Shore hospital and most importantly the process followed by the Health Care Complaints Commission which allowed that treatment and found it “ all acceptable”. The fact that I had the support of the now Deputy Premier before he came to power but have no support now they have power is predictable but it is not good enough.
I have recently written to my local MP Leslie Williams – She and Andrew Stoner both came to my book “Without Due Care” launches and spoke about the dreadful treatment and outcome which was my husband Don’s death. All avoidable.
I believe pressure needs to be put upon the Government to back up what they supported in Opposition and I would appreciate any help you can give. A simple paragraph would be helpful. If there are issues you are not clear on please feel free to contact me for explanation or have a look at my website
If you do write to the Health Minister could you as well email me a copy for my records. I thank you in advance.
Her contact details are below,

Mss Jillian Skinner MP
Minister for Health
Minister for Medical Research
Level 31, Governor Macquarie Tower,
1 Farrer Place,
SYDNEY NSW 2000  Jillian Skinner's email

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