Sunday, October 16, 2011

Looks like I may be close to a sale. I am going to miss this place very much and I know I will never be able to live anywhere as beautiful as this place, but truth is it absorbs money and money I don't have...needs a family here as even though the quiet is wonderful, sometimes it can just be a bit too quiet. I just need to move as I have marked time too long and need to be somewhere where nobody knows me well.

When we came here in 1976, Don was 26 and I was 22. I must post a story about that and shots of our first 12 a week home and you will be impressed with out 'hippy" van - it was an old -  1950's dodge van which had been the ambo for a small West Australian town called three springs .
Hopefully I will know by tomorrow but until the deposit is down I am not counting my chickens - I burst out crying after the real Estate agent told me but were it to fall through no doubt would shed a few more... its getting so I don't want to come back here and I know Don didn't want me to stay here - certainly not for as long as I have.

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Andrew said...

I can certainly see why you are sad to be leaving. The house is lovely and the surrounds very nice.

FoxyMoron said...

Just beautiful. But I agree with you that it's probably time. It will be a bittersweet parting no doubt, so many memories of all kinds, but from what you've written, mostly fond ones.
Good luck with the sale Therese.

karisma said...

How sad and exciting all at the same time. Your home is beautiful and I am sure where ever you end up, you will make it a beautiful place to be as well. Big hugs to you xoxoxox