Sunday, October 30, 2011

My own Craggy Island
A peaceful Sunday morning here. The sun is out and its so quiet. I can't even hear the trucks out on the Highway. The neighbour's cattle are out in my paddock peacefully eating or just chewing the cud - the bird song is just amazing - all sorts. I can see and hear all this from this room and know how lucky I have been to have been able to live here for this time. All going well I have a little over a month left here before I move and although I will miss this place, not the town so much but out here - I am hungry to move on - I have beautiful memories here, also some terribly sad ones as Don struggled so much health wise in the last years here - a good day for us was a day when we both woke up alive - we had near misses almost daily in the last year. You know when its time to move, because as beautiful as it is, I no longer look forward to coming home. There are many beautiful places but have learned that compared to the people in your life who you love, husbands, parents, children, friends, places are not so important. Its the people who make the difference.

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