Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lookin out my front door
- how amazing is this - It was just pouring pure golden light in through my front windows into the lounge room - I have never in my whole life seen the sunsets like I see here - must be blessed...

I signed the contract yesterday - a really odd feeling - a big lump in my throat nearly threatened to bring me undone but I got control and didn't disgrace myself - at least this person had the good common sense not to go racing off for a box of tissues like so many even before there is a tear - she just sat there and gave me time. The search and pest report are finalised and it appears everything is fine - so...just waiting for them to sign and deposit.

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FoxyMoron said...

Of course you're going to be emotional, nothing wrong with that. And it's all the harder because you're doing it all on your own.
I hope the new family appreciates the beauty of that place as yours did for so long.

JahTeh said...

More likely to be a farewell sunset and a hearty well done from Don.

I mean you really aren't going to miss the summer snakes, are you?