Monday, October 17, 2011

Pretty sure the house is sold - nowhere near what I wanted but these are the times - a weird feeling sort of an anticlimax - papers still to be exchanged - but agreed on terms - may wait till tomorrow to tell the girls - I think I need to have it gel  first - 


Mom said...

What a beautiful place to live! All your wonderful memories will go with you wherever you go. I pray that the house will be a happy home for it's next occupants.

Anonymous said...

think you may have told them already if they read your blog.LOL

Good luck with your move. So many memories to leave behind, it will be hard. But then there are all the new memories to be made with your Daughters and hopefully grand children

Anne said...

You are leaving behind a beautiful home with tons of memories. I am getting closer to doing the same and can't even begin to imagine how hard it is for you. Here's to your new home wherever it may be and making some new memories and of coure you will never forget the old memories.