Thursday, January 14, 2010

A walk down the path late yesterday... some things I saw.

First there was this Australian Native gum was a favourite of Don's but I cannot recall its name - Its covered in pink flowers right now and is just beautiful.

Then there was a very large male Kangaroo looking ready for a bit of a challenge and a female who has a joey in her pouch. You can't see the joey in this shot as its all inside. I have seen its little head sticking out

A topknot pigeon

The three magpies who are always friendly

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Andrew said...

Read this yesterday and thought I must look up my bird book. I thought someone my know in the interim. I remembered tonight and tomorrow I shall look up my bird book.

Sara said...

Aggggh beautiful! And kangaroos!! My god does it look so much different than it does here right now. It's been 40 (5 degrees Celsius) and raining for what feels like eternity... at least Christmas. There is only a scrap of green in the form of fir trees in the distance and everything else is grey, brown and darker grey.

And that's gotta be the coolest pigeon I've ever seen! Thanks for the shots of color and life.

Middle Child said...

Andrew - wish I could find my bird book - Don had an encyclopaedic sized one and its here somewhere!

Sara - its very hot here right now - humid and right in high summer - but today is beautiful - I am not sure I could handle the cold you guys get

Anonymous said...

Therese, pretty sure the tree is an angophora. It's certainly stunning! No wonder Don loved it.
Linda J