Friday, January 22, 2010

Remember the "Flying Foxes" .

I still remember one wh
en i was a kid but haven't seen one for years now. They were used to cross rivers especially in flood time. They operated on a pulley system...very practical

People all dressed up to the nines for a photo outside a small school - no indoor shots much then except by professional photographers.
Click on the photo for detail

When trip to town took all day - a stay over night and all day home...I think I know who these two are - well him but can't recall the relationship.

This is my Uncle Pat (Flanagan) He was a bit of a larrikan when he was young and mum told me he and his friends used to hoon about on their horses much as young guys do with cars today - he was a wonderful old uncle and a bit wicked so we loved him a lot. He could still ride his horse right up till he had a stroke at about 75.
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Cazzie!!! said...

I love those shots Therese. I always wonder what was going on in people's heads during the time the photo was shot. What did they run off and do next etc etc.
Today we met a lovely elderly people from Perth who drove to Vic from there with their caravan in tow. We were all at the same bit of the Great Ocean Road together and we got to speaking about the way life must have been back in the day. No commodities of today etc etc..amazingly tough people I reckon.
We also got to speaking about family heritage as they were travelling to find out about their ancestors and all that. Just as I have been doing with mine. Well, the hardest is my Nan who is of Aboriginal descent..I have to go to West Wyalong and Goulburn to trace anymore of that exciting history :)

Andrew said...

What fantastic photos MC. Surely the couple in the buggy must be husband and wife....surely.