Wednesday, January 27, 2010

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Watch this carefully - he shoots at a metal plate and the bullet comes back and grazes his head - not his timwe to die i guess


Sling said...

Holy Crap!..That guy was too lucky for words.
I'm going to forward this to my sharp-shooter friend.

Sara said...

Waaaaaaaay too close to that embankment for such a weapon. What a lucky so-and-so.

Middle Child said...

Sling according to Sara's comment he didn't know much about the gun he was firing so a bit of an eejit as well.

Sara - I couldn't figure out what sort of a gun would need a tripod or stand - not just a rifle or shotgun

Sara said...

I think it's a .50 cal rifle, but some hunters use tripods for less extraordinary rifles, too. He probably knows a lot about the gun he's firing, just a little short of grasping consequences. Usually something that powerful is going to go right through a target or embed itself, but if *I* were firing it, I'd want to be much further away.