Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Spare spiral bound copies of my manuscript.
A freebie offer if you have the heart and stomach for it. I have sent out about 28 copies of my manuscript to publishers...only 8 rejections so far - so still hopeful. A local printing company has for an extremely reasonable price spiral bound (only $5) copies and given me a really good deal on printing. I had ten of them done both sided, before I realised (Duh) that publishers require single sided and very specific about what they want - so for those of you I know, if you would like a free copy, sent postage free as well - just let me know your postal address or PO Box number on my email tmackay@tsn.cc and I will post one to you. They have to be confidential at this stage so I won't be sending any out to people I don't know reasonably well - sorry. Don't feel obliged to accept one if its not your cup of tea... I have given away a few to friends and relatives of the returned ones which were a bit damaged and marked and having a stack of ten there doing nothing seems ridiculous.


Sling said...

I'd love to have a copy if they aren't already promised out..
I'll send you my address. :)

Middle Child said...

Thanks Sling - its on its way

Anne said...

I'm going to email you for a copy as well if that's ok?

Really appreciate your concern and very supportive and understanding comments. Especially helpful for me from someone like you who has experienced what you have.

Anonymous said...

Therese, I would appreciate a copy of the manuscript. Your tireless work will not go un noticed, and it will also stay there in my mind, every time I see some way I can help a patient, be their advocate when things do not look right, I do it. Your life story, Don's life story, and the girl's life story, gives me the courage to do it, do do the right thing!

Middle Child said...

Anne, am happy to send but have not received your address yet.