Friday, January 22, 2010

Some very old family photos here.
I hope I haven't posted any of these before - its hard to tell with so many posts - I was just looking through the old photos from my mother's side of the family - and was struck by the work in all these dresses all hand sewn most likely. Most likely this was the one good dress they had but they are something else.

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Andrew said...

Do you know who it is in the first photo? She is looking very far away. I really like that one.

Middle Child said...

Andrew, a very old aunt of mine took me through all these photos not long before she died. The photos are of her relatives who would have come from the Flanagan and Butler side. By her look and resemblance she looks more like the Butler side - they all had brown eyes - and she looks a little like my maternal grandmother, but a generation older.
There were certainly some lovely faces about...and without the need to smile showing the tonsils every time a camera is turned on you...that seems more a later development in photography.