Sunday, July 27, 2008

A small success - this appeared in the NSW Sunday Telegraph today - a lot of work to get this in. Its a good win because this paper has a large circulation right throughout New South Wales and also circulates to most major centres if people want a copy... but this is as clear as I can make it. My main joy is knowing that the medical community around RNSH will awake today and I have to admit to a pleasure knowing that those who killed Don will see this article and may it send shivers down their yellow spines. he may be dead and buried but I'll be buggered if they are going to bury this mistake the mongrels.

(click on the photo to enlarge to be able to read it)

I am so elated right now - there is not much that can happen today that will change this feeling
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Ann O'Dyne said...

I am elated too
to see the bastards didn't get away with it;
and in Don's Heaven
he is laughing and thinking
"That's my girl -
don't bloody fuk with Therese's family".

Bwca said...

and raising my glass to you and to Don, and to Andrew Bartlett - a rarity among his kind.

JahTeh said...

The Karma Angel has come through at last.
Congrats Therese.

hip said...

Yep, the Tree folk are smiling, too.

Onya MC, We're all gaining from what you're doing. Peace and love, babe.

Sling said...

This is monumental MC!
Hot Damm,I'd LOVE to see the looks on those involved when they open their Sunday paper at breakfst.
You Rock!

Mom said...

I've just come over to your blog from comments you have made on other folks blogs. You write eloquently about Don and a happy marriage.
So glad the article got published!

Anne said...

I must admit I've been a long time lurker. So admire the fight you have put in to bring this out in the open. Well done in not giving up the struggle!

Middle Child said...

ann o'dyne thats similiar to what my youngest said when they messed with us she said "What were they thinking of?" we wished they hadn't messed with us - life is too short for their shit

bwca lets all raise our glasses - but what with "with wine, with poetry or with song" (Beaudelaire)

jahteh and may all their Karma happen now so I can see it please

Hip thanks - peace and love to you as well - Don started calling me Babe way back in '72 and even when the grey hair started I was still "Babe" and other names but we won't go into them!!

Sling - I'm with you on that - most of the docs would get sunday papers delivered and as my sister (a nurse) said - hospitals are the place of gossip and bad news goes round like wildfire - have the odd chuckle to myself when I think of them reading it. Got to get your pleasure from somewhere.

Mum hello. Nice to meet you and thank you for the comments.

Middle Child said...

anne - nice to meet you too anne - I can't give up the fight. I have to be able to live with myself and know I have done the right thing. Thats most important. What I am doing feels right.

Cazzie!!! said...

Thank the gummy Mary this has happened, things can only get better now. Take care Therese, and have a cuppa out in your garden :)

cs said...

Hip hip hoorah MC!
I will continue to pray for your strength and comfort in this battle. Evil will not prevail.

We shall continue our long walks in the morning, and I will send you love and good thoughts along my trudge up the mountain.

Team Gherkin said...

Glad you got some wider press about it all. Yay! About bloody time!
Mal :)

jacqui said...

Glad to see you have received public vindication of your struggle for justice, Don will be smiling in Heaven now.

Sara said...

:D Good going!

Middle Child said...

Cazzie - yes I'll thank gummy Mary or anyone (who or what is gummy Mary - this is a newie for me - thanks Caz

CS - Evil never prevails - its in our more vulnerable moments when we are fooled into thinking it does - and it appears to but in the final wash up it doesn't - its just hard to be patient when my gut instinct is to drive bamboo shoots under their fingernails...

Team Gherkin - thanks to you

Jacqui - I am darn sure he is, and thats when he would want me to go a bit harder and foillow this up while we have a win - they count on us stopping and going away.

Sara thank you

Citymouse said...

said it once-- worth saying again-- you are one of the strongest woman I know! (new url

Middle Child said...

CM - thank you - will check out the new spot

mirk said...

keep at em kid :)