Tuesday, July 22, 2008



I've started scanning in some older photos and am amazed at how many albums we have. I still print out a fair few of the new digital ones because there is nothing nicer than sitting up (in my new chair) and leafing through the pages -

This lot taken in 1987 when Melissa was 12 and Ali 9 (and Don and I much younger) reminded me of all those faces Don could pull. He was the master.

This is a series of about 10 photos and it was hard to pick -

I love these two last ones where the kids try to beat him at face pulling but they're not even in the race.

As the last shot shows Melissa just lost it and Alison is still trying to look at his face to see if she can imitate him.

I just noticed Don's smoke which he used to have in a little contraption on his hand - he even mastered lighting them himself. His mum used to go crook on me for buying them for him when he asked - while not being a smoker, I bought them home because he was an adult with as much right to smoke as I had to eat chocolate.

He did give it up only a few months after this was taken, but that was his choice - and he only had a few a day. Its funny how things change. In those days people smoked in houses, my dad did and his dad no doubt. Now when I look at this its the first thing to think of, actually smoking in the house around kids... everyone did it - but now over 20 years on it seems out of place. Its like safety belts... before they were made mandatory no one had them on and it felt normal. Now if I get in the car without one on just for the drive to the front fence (where I strap in) I feel like unattached to the car - it feels odd - but thats just a state of mind really.

My God 21 years back - but what a 21 years it was!

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cs said...

What a hambone! 21 years ago--really? Oh wow, where does the time fly. What a wonderful dad and loving and playful too. The girls didn't miss a wink of love or silliness that's for sure.

I smoked for years and gave it up too. HHM was very considerate about it...we all have vices to contend with I suppose.

Cute pix. friend.