Saturday, July 19, 2008

My sister took this series in 2004 -
she reminded me about them recently, and has one of them up as her screen saver - you don't need to know which one that is - but I assure you, as she is my eldest sister it is the least kind of all the photos below - makes her laugh anyway...small things and small minds you know.
We'd gone to the Little FishWinery near Port Macquarie, and as was his wont, Don was regaling the waitress with his vast knowledge of plonks and casks - and she as appears was listening in rapt attention to his musings - whilst I (in the background) secured our tables from the hordes of locals...

"Where's my bloody wine?" I ask...petulantly.. "supposed to be a wine tasting but can't seem to drag the floozy away from my husband...quite a floozy himself as observed on a few occasions.
Thats my being petulant.
My sisters noticing my dilemma and being loyal to a small degree recorded this event for posterity...and gave me backup
But a younger sister looks a tad too happy with Don...supposed to be on my side and giving him the "lemon lips" as instructed - but she was half shot so what could I expect?
And he had the smile of the youngest child, the golden one, the save the marriage baby that the whole family waited for...and I succumbed as per usual...I am easy that way to a good smile and "the eye"
He quickly discarded the youngster and remembered the fine vintage he had in me and soon my glass was full once again instead of empty...
All was forgiven... the marriage saved, and the sun shone again although I was a small bit put out by that secret smile on Don's face, which I was unaware of till the photos were developed.
It was the best day...good stuff... and for someone who couldn't and didn't normally drink because of the whacking pain medication he was on he disported himself reasonably well - and slept like a baby that night.


Sling said...

Looks like Don was right in his element that day! :)
It's not easy charming a room full of women,but someone's gotta do it.

cs said...

Ha Sling! Looks like Don was holding his own quite well!

And MC, your sis was a bit on the "frosted" side. Too funny--these pix tell a thousand words. I can almost hear the dialogue going on and Don laughing at you women. Cheers mate!

Cazzie!!! said...

Don soooo reminds me of my dad and my pop...they ALWAYS try to smooth it up with the ladies when we go out. I used to find it intreaguing and embarrasing at the same time...embarrasing because my dad and my pop took me and my prospective husband out for tea one night and behaved as they usualy did, wording up the waitress'. I am so glad the waitress had a great sense of humour too!
Lovely time, and a fine vintage you sure are :)
It actually also reminds me of a wonderful and lovely song... try to make the time to listen to it, it is called "Peaches and Cream" and is sung by John Butler Live... about the glass being half full..not half empty :)

Middle Child said...

Sling you are too right - but he used his charm for goodness (mostly) . If you have the charm fator you are blessed, not many have and you can't learn it - it seems to be a blessing from the Gods - we like being charmed as well and appreciate the hard work that it must be Sling!

CS we had a really good lunch at that plae and the photos of that are a hoot as well. It was one of those golden days where everyone was happy and everything was perfect...and no one got their noses out of joint.

Caz - Don did his charm quietly and never made me feel less for it. It was as much a part of him as breathing and for those who can as mentioned to Sling its a belssing from the Gods - as long as they use it for goodness...

Don was never sleazy when he was charming... sleaze is not charm.

Noice to know your men folk have the Gods' belssings as well.