Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Come on Prime Minister Rudd speak up

I bet he doesn't - he wouldn't have the guts to face down the Chinese in the way suggested below...I still can't believe that the world voted for that monstrous regime to have the Olympics... my opinion. The increase in human rights abuses has gone off the planet in the build up - but hey its all sports people and that great god must be served. The ancient Romans had nothing on whats gone on in China in the past few years.

On the eve of Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s departure to the Beijing Olympics, GetUp and the Australia Tibet Council are launching a television ad appealing to the Prime Minister to use his trip to speak out for the human rights of Tibetans.
The ad will be shown in a mixture of TV advertising slots on a variety of regional and metro stations around the telecast of the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony.
The Prime Minister has also been given a copy of the ad as he prepares to leave for Beijing to attend the opening ceremony and meet with Chinese leaders.


Sling said...

I hear what you're saying doll.
I really do.
But,(you knew that was coming),I think the Olympics should always be about more than politics.
I think about the 1936 Olympics in Berlin,and how Hitler whas hell bent to turn it into a demonstration of so-called 'German superiority'..I am German after all.
And then I think about a young,black American named Jesse Owens,who showed the Nazis,and the world,exactly what personal strength and dedication was truly about...Hitler was pissed!
That pleases me.
I'm looking forward to this Olympics,because regardless of the venue,the athletes will no doubt demonstrate the best that resides in all of us.

Middle Child said...

Sling...yes I know. Its always been that way. Actually a friend of mine just sent me a link to software which will enable all and sundry in China to get around the "firewall" china had ereted on the Internet... so thats a smack in their chops. And no doubt the sight of some Auyssie Atheletes training with oxygen type snorkles so they don't get sick from the air is a hoot, and considering many swimmers are asthmatic...hmmm.

I just ahve a real probelm with that sort of hive mentality which results in 1984 social engineering all for the common good. I think they's have to get rid of me in China, i just can't hack all this stuff.

I believe what you say about the athletes, but hope they are not pressured to perform in the smog of Beiging which was the other day 26 times worse than the worst smog recorded in Sydney. Thats going to make some of them quite sick and they'r just youngsters. How will the "audience" handle it when some of them choose not to run the marathon? I think I know.

Look I'll tell you what a miserable sod I am, I didn't even want it to come to Sydney - we're a small countru of only 22 million... about 10 mill of us in NSW. Those of us in NSW will be paying this huge debt of till the cows come home.

I wish they'd just get all countries to put inmoney, set up a permanent one in Greece, well away from Athens, and make that a doozy - the Greeks are really nice people mainly.

Just feeling cantankerous today sorry Sling. Must be getting old! Its cold here so thats my excuse.

Ann O'Dyne said...

at least KRudd is THERE
with our team.
and when I saw him on the late news he was chirpy and enthusiastic and I couldn't help thinking how JWHoward would be guarding his words and be frightened to relax in the same situation.
Things must be bad if I'm feeling sorry for bloody Howard.
Of course Lateline had film of that shockin Chinese swim team on steroids.
They did not look like humans it was sorta creepy, well really creepy. Of course they all 'retired' after that Olympics where they won 12 of the 16 events.
bwah ha ha.

peace and love

Mom said...

The government of china is a terrible tyranny. the athletes want there long awaited and hard won time to perform. I pray there will be some good achieved for Tibet and all those oppressed by this dictatorship.