Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lookit I bought myself - its bewdiful!

I feel so decadent... for some time I had been thinking about buying (wait for it) a recliner chair - and I am only 54...

The thing was in our lounge room I had a three seater chair and a couple of pouffes (can I still use that word???). When I was by myself I could llie on the lounge to read or watch tele - but when visitors came I would let them sit there and I would sit on the floor using the pouffe (don't lynch me yet) as a seat...reason was that I ended up with two fused vertebrae in my early 30's - somebody tried to shift a 44 gallon drum on her lonesome and spent a month in bed being looked after by her Quadriplegic husband and two little kids - that was a "treat" - they were never kids in the modern sense of the meaning -

anyhoo I have to evacuate the lounge chair when there are visitors because I can't sit on it for long... I can lie on it... the pouffe on the floor provides the means to move about from side to side when the pain gets a bit much -

So I bought this finally... knowing that my youngest sister and her tribe are about to visit -

Ahhhhh! I recommend that all my blog mates above 40 get one and bugger the olde worlde age image - its heaven... relieves the varicose veins, feel like a sultaness...
and Don would approve this purchase... should have done this years back. One day may be found dead in this but will look "interesting and together" when I am with my wine glass in hand and my latest novel - and the old dog won't be able to eat me because he would only be able to eat my feet - the rest of me would be out of reach - now there is a comfort.
Isn't it just divine - but no trips to Rio this year -


cs said...

Oh MC..I am seriously pondering a red leather one for myself. Oh it looks heavenly. You did good stake your claim and don't let anyone take it over whilst visiting.

Yes, MC, my maiden name is O'Neil...very Irish I be thinking.....hugs dear friend....if I get a windfall, I will fly down to meet you next, okay?

Dysthymiac said...

Yep - they are so comfortable, and it's a great colour too. I hope you get plenty of time in it.

Sling said...

I must have one!

jacqui said...

Didn't realise recliners were reserved for the old! That must mean the whole of the US and a good part of the world is old before their time, LOL.

Your recliner looks more comfty than ours, more padded. Gordon chose them for his back but he never sits on them as they are too uncomfortable. However, he will never admits and says its just because of the position of the TV that he stays on the sofa!

JahTeh said...

*looks around carefully and anxiously then approves*

I just wanted to make sure it wasn't one of those electric powered ones. My aunt has one and was fully reclined enjoying the TV when the power went out and she was stuck. Fortunately the phone was within reach and she could ring for help.

Enjoy it, it's wonderful for the back.

Middle Child said...

CS - Its so comfortable - there is a sense of wicked pleasure getting into it, pulling up the blankie and sipping a glass of white just before bed - Don would approve I know - feel him smiling about me (maybe in my head)

dysthymiac - I have never ever sat in one before - now I have got to be very frugal indeed... but its all MINE!!!

Sling - it'll do your olde worlde bones a shot of good andyou'll feel like King Sling in it - get the peasants to bring you stuff.

Jacqui - Out here it is mostly older people or sick people or those with bad backs - although many lounge suites come with one these days so it may be changing here. I may be out of touch.

Jahteh - no its not electric powered. Don had an electric bed which raised the head and feet - he got stuck in that once and we couldn't get it down for ages - no blood in his head or feet.