Sunday, October 08, 2006

This photo of my mother, still a teenager in the mid 1940's and her grandfather always makes me smile. She was such a wag and he was or seemed to be so "proper" ...but we knew he realy wasn't.

I look at them... at he, who would be 120 yrs old if still alive and my lovely mum who died much too young ... if she was alive she would now be 79.

Sometimes photos do catch the moment... the moment of laughter, of fun of a joke shared that wee the observer can know nothing of.... Ahh I just love my old photos so much.

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Diane S. said...

I love old photos. Thank you for being so generous with yours.

Being an American, I wasn't sure what a "Wag" was, but one look at the photo, and I knew.

Simply priceless.

Anonymous said...

120 is a grand old age that I will try to beat, MC. Great pics. I love 'em, as you know.

Undercover Mother said...

Where we stand today was built by the sweat of our ancestors (or sabotaged by it, depending). I bad ancestor can take generations to overcome. A good ancestor can only inspire the next generation to inspire the next.

I love my old family photos, too, and it wasn't until I was an adult that I realized that in those moments they were breathing the same air, that their family or co-workers sometimes annoyed them, that they loved so-and-so's cooking and dreamed of sending their kids to college/going to a better country/buying a new car/having a child. Humans remain pretty much the same, just the technology is different.