Monday, October 23, 2006

I had forgotten about this brings back some terrific memories. It was taken in 1970, at a country school in Australia...we were all fifteen... we had the best year ever for all of us that year . Nothing was sacred and we laughed often and laughed hard.The names come easy to me. and the day this was taken is so clear a memory.

It was a harmless time - safe enough and finding this again has made me feel good.

The next year we were to all go in different directions and I have only ever caught up with the two in the front...Pam and Gwen. I am in the back on the right trying hard to show as much knee as possible in the daggy uniform, as did we all. We would have been about as naive a bunch of teens as ever waked the face of this earth and about as knowledgeable...but there was nothing we didn't know or thing we could do...which is okay.

The two in front caught a bus to and from school which left at 7am and got them home at 5pm...they lived way out in the bush. I lived in a total other direction in a small town...the other two in the small town. Such was the nature of the rural school that the main social life for a lot of us was at school as we didn't see each other on weekends and phones mostly and no transport at all.

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