Wednesday, October 25, 2006

This is my little family... some favourite photos of mine taken about 5 years back and on a wonderous day... these three make it all have meaning.

After this Don's health got much worse, and also our youngest (with the dark hair became dreadfully ill and still fighting back from that).

It was a perfect day. Sometimes we are given these days to remind us of what can be.

They were laughing at me in this shot which is okay...I am used to being laughed at, chaffed at and flung shit at :) thats what families are all about! Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Flung shit at?

You're family is quie a bit different than mine. ;)


Unknown said...

Hey MC--still here but barely these days. We are in dead autumn with the 1st snow possibly Sunday...I have had the cold from Dante's Inferno and finally had to go the clinic to get kiddos all gave it to me in the classroom, the little stinkers.
I will blog this tired out lately. Love these family pic's and YES that is what it is all about! And Vegemit? I used to eat that when we lived in Melbourne...yummy stuff on toast.
Blessings CS

Anonymous said...

A handsome crew, MC :o)

jin said...

Just zooming around your blogs.

These are great pictures!

Like your fairies, too.

Oh, but I didn't know Australia adds flouride to their water, too. :-(
Bad bad bad stuff.
My husband moved here from England about 4.5 years ago. Shortly after he left, they also started putting it in their water supply.
You know the dentists here give little kids that don't brush their teeth regularly flouride tablets!!!!! :-S

I'll come back to read more when I have the time. :-)

Anonymous said...

lovely family you got there MC.

Sara said...

What nice shots. You can feel the warmth and happiness radiating out of these photos. :)

Oh and while I was typing this, you left me a comment! Yay! Other side of the planet, thinking the same thing...