Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Respite Rorts
The policies that are set in place by Government legislators,
Are NOT for us... just for them... the bloody pack of traitors.
Jobs for the girls and boys, its become an immoral “Rort”.
But never will our powerless cause, bring them before a court.

They’ve made their rules to save their jobs, in case they come unstuck.
But should we try the same ourselves we’ll find we’re out of luck.
They use OUR GRIEF and our real needs when fortune knocks us flat.
They take OUR FUNDS, convert it all and never give it back.

There are Advocates galore, for us, the disabled and their carers.
Consulting Committees... Respite Resources, it couldn’t be more fairer.
Surveys, reviews and meetings, ‘tween well-appointed walls,
Show the need for Conferences with nibbles at lots of charity balls.

No one calls them to account for the waste of money allocated,
To help the Carers in their plight, its just all been ADVOCATED.
They’ve ADVOCATED new computers and creation of their employment
You’d not be wrong if you recognised, it was all for their enjoyment.

The cars they drive (with air, of course) are pretty bloody new,
But remember as they speed away, they’re doing it all for you.
Cheer them on as they return to their office to “De-stress”
And turn back to your lonely role, pleased they have earned their rest.

And if in the wee small hours in your ungrateful desolation,
You call upon the Crisis Line of the Carer’s Association.
A rabbit voice suggests, “A local group is not too hard to find.
They are only two hours drive away, or can’t you find the time.”

“We’ll send you out some literature, you’ll have the time to read.
And please remember to call on us again when you feel the need.”
“PISS OFF!” you say (can that be me?) “You don’t have to be so rude,
You’ can’t hope to win CARER OF THE YEAR with that attitude.

“Respite, you say, you need a break, you’ve not had one for years?
Oh really... thats so very sad, you’ re reducing me to tears.
Just hang in there, chin up old girl, you’ll get a break one day,
I’ll be back to facilitate it after my much-needed holiday.

You’re not impressed, you’re feeling mad, you’d like to get a gun,
Whatever for, and why me, I’ve never helped... er... hurt anyone.
So there there dear, calm down, you’ll get all the rest you earn,
But we’ve a policy in place at the Pearly Gates, to ensure you wait your turn.
by Circa 2001 - We’ve all had enough...!!

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