Tuesday, October 31, 2006

King O'Malley was a Australian Federation politician with a gift for language and insult which is sadly almost gone forever.

King O'Malley, (his mum and dad were called William and Mary - so being pissed off Irish they called him King) who had maintained a keen interest in Australian politics over the years, was stirred by what he saw as yet another attempt to emasculate his beloved Bank

Although over 80 years of age, King O'Malley vigorously entered the 1939 'Save The Commonwealth Bank Campaign', publishing a little booklet in which he demonstrated that he was still capable of the type of language for which he was famous during his campaign to have the Bank established.

He wrote,
"I trust that good and patriotic Australians will swear by the altar of their gods, the tombs of their Ancestors and the cradles of their children, that they will never vote for Parliamentary candidates whose secret mission is to destroy the Commonwealth Bank ... and whose brains, if extracted, dried and placed in the quill of a cocksparrow and blown into the eye of a bee, would not even make him blink." (Brilliant)

Still true. His own Labor Party Under Keating in the '90's opened the floodgates to Privatisation by privatising the Commonwealth Bank.which was designed as "The Common Wealth bank" and intended to be the people's bank; lending at really low interest. Both sides of Australian Gov. are dead set keen on privatising everything that we own.without our consent. We could do with some of the King's insight these days with the morons we have running the place...

People say we get the Gov. we choose...but what choice is there? The corruption of the system ensures that only the bastards and their sycophant smaller parties get seats in Parliament...and the only person who ever offered an alternative in Australia was packed off to jail in a conspiracy involving all the other parties -the smug self righteous bastards. She and her running mate were fully pardoned after serving 3 months of a three year sentence ...She has not yet been compensated for that criminal conspiracy against her and the chattering classes can not see the double standard in that...thinking its a right hoot that thi mother of four was terrorised this way.

I bloody well hope that God knows his own when we all pass on because it always appears the bastards get the honours in this world.

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