Monday, October 09, 2006

This lady is my great great grandmother. She was born Anne Lilbyrne in Fermanagh ireland as far as I can tell. She married an "Neilan" or "Neilon " and had two sons, James and John. Later she remarried a Thomas McGoldrick and had three sons to him...Francis, Patrick and Thomas..she also had a baby daughter.
This family travelled out to Australia on the Admiral Lyons in the late 1850's. The baby daughter died on that trip out.

I descend from her Thomas. He was my grand father's father.

But sometimes I look at tis photo and at this woman and I want to reach out my arms to her and hold her.... I want her to know that we did survive, that we are good people and that her life was worthwhile...also that I do remember her...
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I've said it before, MC: we are them and they are us.