Friday, October 13, 2006

My youngest sister's Husband who was ritually killed after sending us this "glamour shot" of his wife...(it was she who killed him) to all and sundry. He made a big blue in doing so. WE are not a "glamour shot" kinda family and she knew how we'd chortle when it turned up...

we were a bit bemused by the large vaselined eyebrows which seemed to go on for ever...she has never plucked them and we would all like to have a go with the tweezers... a bit of a "wolf hound there" albeit a peerrtty one... (please zero in on the eyebrow and you will know what we mean!)

Don felt rather underprivilidged and although initialy so shy he posed for his very own Glamour shots and I don't know but I think he miht be the prettier one... hm... maybe... maybe not...its all up to the viewer or the voyeur...isn't he just lovely?

And such white delicateee skin.

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Anonymous said...

Wel, MC, I know which one I'd vote for every time, and it ain't the one with the beard :o)

Your sister's very pretty but even with makeup, that's not how I'd describe Don :o)

Anonymous said...

Oh wow...that skin is so delicate...

Like a baby's bottom... ;)