Monday, July 03, 2006

I think that this is one of the most beautiful but saddest photos in our albums.

It is of Don's sister Judy and her first husband Buddy. A year after this photo was taken in about '67 they were in a car accident and he was killed.

She stupidly married someone years later who "resembled" (big mistake) her love. He turned out to be the biggest drunk and bully imaginable. Life was a struggle for her and she raised their two children basically alone.

Then in '96 she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She died in '98. Don and I spent the last three months with her. I still feel raw remembering this time.

I was looking at this today and if ever anyone feels sorry for themselves it would do no harm to consider this pair who when they kissed in this photo could never have imagined what life held in store for them. I never met Buddy, but Judy was just the most lovely sister in law I could have wished for.

My belief is that somewhere, somehow in another universe or heaven the balance is struck and they are finally together, having the life they deserved. If it is not so then I will not know. For now I prefer the small comfort of thinkng it may be this way.i Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

But at least, MC, they had THAT moment when their hearts were full of joy for each other.

Middle Child said...

Yes Charlie...they had that moment and to them and to me that was a precious moment.May all our loving moments be as precious!