Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I have always thought that that dreadful show Big Brother which is I believe in not just Australia but in other countries was designed as some sort of a sick form of social engineering and and Psychologists' heaven.

During the recent debacle here in Australia where two men sexually assaulted a stupid young woman who then said it was okay (duh!) it was revealed that one of the major sponsors (?) of the show here and I would imagine in other countries is that Pharmaceutical drug giant GlaxoSmith Kline. Now why along with Pizza Hut, Masterfooda and other fast food companies would a major manufacturer of anti depressants and other mood and mind altering drugs want to sponser a shit show like this?

I have to wonder is the show itself designed not just to see how far people on the show will go before they crack up, or assault people but are the viewers also being tested to see just what it takes to make us protest and how far can they take it before they have pushed it too far.

Wake up folks there is something terribly sick going on here. For those of us who choose not to watch it, we still have a responsibility to those millions of kids in their teens who seem to think it is okay to emulate the contestants. Going down that dumbed down "Animal Farm" path will lead many to emotional breakdown and self destructive behaviour.

Now why would GlaxoSmith Kline have anything to gain from that?


Anonymous said...

Big Brother, like almost all TV, panders to the taste of the lowest common denominator. It is to be avoided wherever p[ossible.

Diane S. said...

I hate reality TV. If I want reality, I go sit on my front porch.

Big Brother is more reality than I can stand.

mirk said...

We are halfway through the current Big Brother here in the UK

It started in Holland a few years back then came here and is now worldwide as you know.

They do put weirder and weirder people in each year but then I suppose they have to. God last year in Holland they had a woman giving birth on the program... our show is not that bad YET.

Middle Child said...

Charlie - I agree completely. Most people I know don't watch it, but last week pick up a paper, watch the evening news (which also panders to the lowest common demoninator and it was in your face. My concern is the reasons why a major international drug company would in the U.S. the U.K. Australia and possibly in every country, sponsor this rubbish. What's in it for them? Research! Maybe.. GlaxoSmith Kline have just about the worst reputation going for responsibility and accountability.

Diane - Same here but we call it a front verandah... it concerns me that shows like this will make it harder for kids coming up to distinguish reality from manufactured "reality" for want of a better word.

Tass - a bit like in ancient Rome...where do you draw the line. The people promoting this will push the barriers further and further, and they did not intervene when the Australian girl was assaulted. They let it run on Internet TV. It was only after they were advised that it was a criminal offence that they took action.

All died down now, a five day wonder... whats the next barrier they can push over?