Sunday, July 09, 2006

Fluoride poisoning of horses

We are still battling to keep Fluoride out of our water supplies. This recent study gives just another reason why fluoridation should be stopped. We have a duty of care to animals and unlike us human beings animals like horses are worth money.
Dear Editor,
The Hastings Safe Water Association has passed on to Veterinary Surgeries and Councillors in the Hastings information concerning Fluoride poisoning of horses who drank artificially fluoridated drinking water, provided to us by the Australian Fluoridation News.

The literature on fluorosis in cattle is extensive but information about fluorosis in horses is almost non-existent. A recent study from the US should have horse owners alarmed. Although this information is now published, findings are not being released by the department of Agriculture.

The study by Professor Lennart P. Krook (Professor of Pathology, Emeritus Fellow, American College of Nutritional Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Biochemical Sciences, Cornell University, Ithaca NY USA) found in summary that: -
“Quarter horses consuming artificially fluoridated water (up to 1.3 ppm F) for extended periods of time developed classical symptoms of chronic fluoride intoxication including Dental Fluorosis, crooked legs, hypertosis (overgrowth of bone) and enostosis (a morbid bony growth developed within the cavity of a bone or on the internal surface of the bone cortex), hoof deformities and microscopic evidence of reduced bone reabsorption. These symptoms began to appear about two years after fluoridation started… and gradually became more severe.”

…” Blood serum thyroxin in a nineteen year old mare was very low and interference with reproduction noted after five years….” “The levels of Fluoride ingestion and the bone Fluoride concentrations of these horses are far below those claimed to cause fluoride intoxication in cattle.”

After Fluoridation was terminated on March 29, 2005 colic gradually ceased and other significant improvements have occurred.”

Fluoridation of drinking water causes chronic illnesses to develop in humans, and all animals who drink fluoridated water. Will Hastings Council inform us what arrangements they propose to ensure that unfluoridated drinking water will now be provided for those who keep animals in fluoridated areas? Considering their lack of response to similar questions regarding our right to have an unfluoridated drinking water supply their silence will be deafening.
Yours sincerely,
Therese Mackay - President of the Hastings Safe water Association
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