Friday, July 14, 2006

More train bombings - the Middle East continuously at flash point - all of it, the poisonings by corporations who murder more of us than any war ever did - Our dipsy PM who explains so neatly why Nuclear power is "necessary" lest we ever forget Chernobyl.

We all know how bloody bad and evil all these elite these bastards are.

I can still remember exactly how I felt when I was four,five, six, and everything I owned would have fitted into a small school port. I am/ was the same as every kid who ever lived. Full of devillment, fun, always hungry always asking questions, looking out and looking in, running, swimming, being as naughty as I could be without overstepping that fine line between bad and just having "spirit"...being a universal kid...luckily loved by parents, sisters and in my poor little home, in a poor little town with no other protection than what my family afforded...just like the majority of earth's children - might reasonably expect to be -

... so that when I see children butchered, made homeless, orphaned, abused - like all decent human beings it is like having a bit of your heart drawn out. It is against all that is sacred. Everyone on earth has or had, eyeshine, hope dreams and laughter all of that, so everyone in someway is still that little child inside...except that some really do seem to have sold their souls to the highest bidder. It is these elites who make policy, market chemicals, profit from the arms industry , protected along with their families who are somehow more worthy than our families. And yet its not us worldwide against them worldwide. its us against each other as they manipulate us to hate Muslims, Blacks, Whites, Christians, Jews, Asians, Communists, Unmarried Mothers, Cripples, deaf people, Blind people, men, women, educated uneducated, rednecks and the cafe latte set endless list of "minority" groups, of which we all belong to one or the keeps us busy and tut tutting with each fresh "outrage" perpetrated by our favourite hated group.

Why is it that worldwide, in all ages we the ordinary/ extraordinary people allow ourselves to get totally whipped up in hatred against other ordinary/extraordinary people? All wars have been started because of an obscene gratification of the ego of leaders be they political, religious corporate or whatever. This obscene ego becomes insatiable and the need for more power, more grandiosement, more control never ends.

I am not advocating all out slaughter : ) of those bastard leaders, or in our present state of state imposed fear I would find myself in teeerrouble quick smart, but those evil people who generate perpetrate and manipulate the sorts of hatred which lead to mass and stupid acts of killing of innocents deserve a bit of a dust up from time to time.

They have ensured that they are protected from the outcome of their actions.

I'd like to see the Blairs, Howards, Bushes, Mugabes, Kissengers etc etc the CEO's of Pfeizer, Roche, GlaxoSmith Klein have to travel daily on the trains which may or may not get blown up; have to go to public hospitals riddled with MRSA because of over use of the drug companies antibiotics - have to be exposed as the rest of us ordinary people are to the outcome of their evil egos.

Maybe it will never happen on earth. I just wish I was sure that there really was a hell for them to go to. Maybe that hell will be having to face their own maggoty faces in the mirror of truth for eternity. One can hope.

I have to hope that there is such an eternity. Because for me it just doesn't make sense if there is no balance in the end. Maybe there isn't but I won't know about that, so maybe foolishly, maybe wisely I have to hope that there is justice for the innocents who are brutalised, and for the evil shits in the dark suits - always dark suits - who are the elites and who are always safe and rich. May they rot in hell.

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Anonymous said...

There's no justice, MC. Just the law.