Monday, July 03, 2006

So Sorry to bring on such a downer, but its not just old photos and people from the distant past who need our respect or thoughts... this is Don's eldest sister Jeanette and her husband Jacko. They married in about '61 or thereabouts. They had a child called Phillip. When Phillip was about four and Jeanette was 8 mths pregnant they were all killed when a drunk driver hit their car on their way home from a little holiday.

When I met my husband Don in '72 his mother was "strange" and it took me years to fully comprehend why.
Now I have two grown daughters I know well why.

What I have learned from all of this from these tragedies, from my own family tragedies is not to take life or anything for granted.

Not to descend to the ordinary...not to become entrapped by self absorbtion.

To wake each day to a sunrise, to my girls still alive, to Don still breathing beside me is okay...all else is just a plus.

I am not going to write the world's greatest novel, nor climb the highest mountains... (as if)... but I am going to and do appreciate all the days allowed to me, and know that they are gifts. And not feel hard done by if others seem to have more or look better, or whatever.

Its Don's big 56th tomorrow. he's been sick, he's been sick realy since 1982, but you wouldn't know it, the way he is. I have made him a book of a card and we will go to lunch somewhere... and just us two - blow out candles... and thats okay.

He was so sick over the weekend. I was worried we might not be in the good situation we are in today. But we are... aint it a wonder? I can't wait to see what oddities the girls have got wrapped up for him for his birthday... I have a few myself... Fifty six is not so old when you have 91 year old friends!!!! Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

So sad. I'm amazed that anybody gets to 21, let alone 56 and beyond. There's always something out there waiting for us.

Best wishes to Don on his birthday.; Many more, Don, many more :o)

Unknown said...

It's hot up here all I do is sip iced tea and sleep...just about. We are having unusually hot weather with hihg humidity, so we are soaking wet jsut crossing the room.
A big happy b-day Don! So sad about his sister and family. Drinking has caused more damage to to other people than any other affliction. Several years back, we lost some friends of ours from a trucker who was either drunk or fell asleep at the wheel. His rig crossed the highway and smashed head on into our friends car, instantly killing him, a police officer, his wife of 37, and their 2 kids in the back, 8 & 5. In an instant, all gone. The worst part was for her family when they had to go clean up the house...they found new school clothes for the little boy as he was going into kinder in a few weeks, and all the pictures on the frig to their mum and dad...I couldn't imagine.

So, I'm with you..count my blessings even with hot flashes and intense summer hot chic from Idahodee land, CS

Yes the days are precious gifts.