Wednesday, April 03, 2013

She never seems to answer any letters

A Long time ago but with photos being so clear sometimes it feels like the people are just about to speak. 
Always where there is great love there is always the risk of great grief but I rather have had that experience of that love than to have only loved lightly. I can't imagine living all my life in that hollow passionless way with someone you don't have that spark. So in a way our family was and is lucky because of what we had - we know it is possible. I am still chasing that mongrel of a NSW Health Department to act and I am not obsessed in this, in that most of my life is pretty happy, but for me I have to continue for the reason that it is the right thing to do. So this letter to Jillian Skinner just went everywhere - to anyone I could think of and to her of course.
Dear Ms Jillian Skinner,
I have not received even an acknowledgement of my letter to you written/ sent/ received 16th March 2013. It is now 2nd of April 2013. When will you respond in full to my letter to you please? It is not good enough to just claim “nothing to be gained by opening this case for further investigation and consider the matter now closed.”  Please tell me what part of my husband’s brutalisation and death was acceptable practice in any country at any time. It appears you condone such disgusting practices if you choose to do nothing. Please tell me you do not condone the shocking botch of his surgery and its cover up. Please do not think that because my husband was a Quadriplegic that his suffering and death was any lesser importance than if he had been able bodied. It appears this way to me.

You are now responsible as the Health Minister. My husband deserves  justice for how horribly he was forced to suffer and for being killed how he was. What we witnessed will never leave our nightmares. It just is not right Ms Skinner and you know it. He has just been put in the “too hard” basket. I do not know of what beliefs you have but it is on these sorts of things we will be judged.

Please take the time soon to respond. I am not going away and no matter what the doctors and hospital involved they will not be burying their criminal mistakes which cost my poor husband his life.
Yours sincerely,
Mrs Therese Mackay"

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