Thursday, April 25, 2013

Uncle Alf McGoldrick born in the late 1880's
A young woman

 whom I know loves horses called for the horses used in war to be honoured today ANZAC day - she inspired me to remember what I was told not so long ago by an uncle. Pictured here are two images of my maternal Grandfather Tom's younger brother Alf who was born in the 1880's - I wrote on her page 
"My Uncle Alf was a Gunner in WW1 in France - A Gunner was a soldier who was on horseback - his own horse - often - and they had the larger guns strapped to the horses to take to the front line. It was years later when he was able to tell another Uncle Des - who had just returned from Kokoda - WW2 - that the army vets were ordered by top brass to cut the horses vocal chords because the sounds of their screaming when they were shot were causing the men to be really upset. Uncle Alf and my grandfather Tom were horsebreakers and it was commented on that not once were they ever seen to use whips - they did it the way they had been taught by the Irish fathers - Alf loved horses and this must have been a dreadful memory - he was later gassed and survived but was never as strong as he had been - never married nor had kids - He lived till old age - and as a child on the rare times I saw him I loved him but was too young to know why he was a little hard to be around. It is these such and their horses that we honour today."

Young Alf

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