Thursday, April 25, 2013

Shame on local Pollies

25th April 2013

To the Editor

Dear Editor,
On 9/10/2007 I received the following email from the then Deputy Leader of the NSW Coalition, who is now the Deputy Premier of NSW, “Obviously the Iemma Government is doing all it can to keep the inquiry and complaints handling 'in house'.  We (the opposition) will seek next week to establish a Parliamentary Inquiry via the Upper House.
In the meantime, I'll ask jillian Skinner if she has any advice to give you.”
On Fri 17/10/2008 I received the following email from the same Mr Stoner, “Thanks Therese, please let me know of any response. Hopefully after tomorrow you'll have another MP who will take up the fight, in Leslie Williams, with whom I have spoken about your terrible tragedy. As a nurse, she is appalled at the treatment Don suffered and wants to see justice done.”
Since the election when Mr Stoner and Ms Williams came to power it has been like pulling hen’s teeth to get them to honour their past “support” if that’s what it was.
Mr Stoner and the health Minister Skinner do not even bother to answer any letters or reminders of letters unacknowledged.
Time has passed and no doubt those who could change things are glad of that as it is easier to ignore the wrongful brutalisation and death of Don Mackay a resident of the Hastings, my husband and father of our daughters.
I say shame on Mr Andrew Stoner. I say shame on Ms Leslie Williams. I say shame on Ms Jillian Skinner. They are now the problem. Labor wouldn’t investigate and act, but these three are far worse because they pretended to care at the time when our family was grieving.
I have enclosed links of both Andrew Stoner and Leslie Williams speaking at my book launch in support. How they can look themselves in the mirror beats me. I would be interested in how many others they offered support to before the election and have not delivered.
If anyone is in any doubt as to the horrific nature of my husband’s treatment please see my webpage and contact me.
Yours sincerely,
Mrs Therese Mackay Andrew Stoner speaks at Book Launch in Sept 2010 he was in Opposition then now the Deputy Premier Leslie Williams speaks at Book Launch in October 2010 she was then running for the seat of Port Macquarie as the National Party Candidate – she was elected to office March 2011

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