Friday, April 05, 2013

I have just finished listening to the Radio Talk show posted a previous post. It reminded me so much of everything I have felt and experienced. One Quote from the show "The people who are victims know. the rest think you are making it up." Some things are so bad so horrible sometimes you cannot find the words for it but these people are exactly where I am in my head. I am so pleased that in the online community we are all starting to find each other. I am more than happy to post a copy of my book in hard copy to anyone free of charge but it is available on line as a pdf here. One person on the show said "You (doctors) are killing  our loved ones and then you make us try to prove you were wrong" That resonates with me. There has never been any one government organisation ever or official body who has given a damn that these monsters are killing over and over. Errors I understand. But continued errors, multiple errors and covering up - there are some serial killers amongst the medical profession. There are serial rapists, misogynists (Reeves), people who think they are God and won't even wash their own hands because they don't have germs. My heart goes out to all those who have suffered at the hands  of these monsters. One lady on this show had her daughter killed 10 years ago...she is still grieving and just wants some justice - Don was killed close to 6 years ago and the call for justice has never left my heart. To hear others talk as they have in here is like talking and listening to close friends because we do know the gravity of the massive cover up.
Many medical organizations in this country are making mistakes that kill and seriously injure patients. This information about these tragedies have been hidden from public view. A spokesperson for the HHS’s Health Resources and Services Administration who oversees the Data Bank says they have a responsibility to make sure under federal law that information in the system remains confidential.
What they are failing to realize is that the National Practitioner Data Bank original intent was to be a flagging system for organizations credentialing healthcare professionals. The Data Bank has done nothing to protect the public and only created a secret bank to keep the people from knowing that some doctors and medical personnel have serious infractions against them, ranging from drug and alcohol abuse to child trafficking. The organizations want to suppress this information from the public. David Baker and advocate like so many others are trying to change this. The people have the right to know."

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